Excellence of Caviar

Caviar may now be considered French! The sturgeon, Acipenser Sturio,  who used  to thrive within the Gironde estuary in the 19th and early 20th century, was driven to extinction due to overfishing. However through the remarkable foresight and strength of will of a few French breeders; a new breed of extremely high quality fish farms have come to life; producing 20 tons of caviar per year. The company ” the Esturgeonnière ” has been breeding the Siberian sturgeon, Acipenser Baerii  for the last 20 years. Producing 4 tons of excellent caviar per year known as the PERLITA caviar. This excellence has given birth to an ultimate caviar, a rare caviar, issued from a careful selection of the larger grains (a minimum of 2.8 mm  in diameter), these represent 3 % of the annual production: known as The Rare of PERLITA. The grain quality, meets several strict criteria:

– Size : Acipenser Baerii offers grains of 2.5 mm in diameter and , exceptional grains of 2.8 to 3 mm.

– Color : dark gray, light gray, brown, golden brown . The more the  grains are transparent, the greater the fat content, offering a caviar with a wonderful length in taste.

– Texture : it mainly depends on the degree of maturation of caviar. The grains roll under the tongue releasing their aromas.

– Taste : the first aroma to appear is the tangy iodine ocean taste  followed by a slightly buttery flavor ending on a mild hazelnut aroma . With time, the flavors are more characterized, but the fresher the caviar the more predominant the taste of salt is going to be.


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