A natural organic foie gras, without force feeding, unique in the world and much to scarce!

In order to obtain a foie gras in 15 days, in a completely irrational and artificial manner, a producer assisted by mother-nature, brings forth in one year without force-feeding an organic, natural and ethical foie gras.
Using a natural physiological mechanism, the wild geese and ducks accumulate spontaneously, fat reserves, before migrating.

A 1 300 acres, piece of land, is home to 1000 geese feeding on acorns, lupin, olives, grass as well as figs. One month before they are sacrificed, organic corn is distributed in great quantities in the evenings, this added to their normal feed and geese being simply greedy, creates a naturally fully fattened liver!

They are preserved from contact with man and protected from predators. In a natural protected area, the geese get ready to migrate, but the majority chooses to remain. This creates a group, which in time persuades new arrivals as well as the young ones that have grown up, from migrating.
A small part of the geese will produce 400 kg of foie gras per year. This is the price to pay for preserving the flock for years to come, and have the unique privilege of offering a natural, ethical and organic foie gras.
This little production, is unfortunately insufficient for the demand of foie gras amateurs who refuse, and rightly so, force feeding.

This foie gras is produced in Spain, La Patería de Sousa which has received the prize for the Outstanding foie gras of the year, at the international food and agricultural fair in Paris.

You can find it directly on-line at World Grands Crus.  The specialized site, for unique delicatessen and Grand Crus.

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