Organic wine : a trend that is becoming democratized

Organic wines have become more and more sought after by the consumers, they are still raising questions though.

The boom of organic wine, an eco-sustainable logic

A 1,2 billion EUR turnover last year, a conversion rate multiplied by three over the last four years and around 500 winemakers who actually take the leap every year : the organic wine is not a trend anymore. It’s standard now and it does matter. Wine represents 60% of French exports of organic products. It does not come as a surprise. This fact shows that consumers are growing demanding when it comes to the goods that come across their plates every day. They want to keep control on what they eat and drink as well. Less pesticides and more control then to avoid chemicals as much as possible ? Most of the French seem to agree on this observation for they are 70% to be demanding for more eco-sustainable products (Ifop poll conducted in 2017 for WWF association). Eco-sustainability is a matter of every second, even when it’s about filling your glass.

The limits of a poorly controled appellation

Organic wine is growing popular but it still has to face a few limits and uncertainties. Being labeled does not mean that the wine you produce will come up empty of any additive agent. There are two different types of organic wine producers : those who think that the label is trustworthy and relevant – and the ones who claim it does not meet their requirements and even refuse to print it on their bottles ! Why is that ? The opponents believe that it is limited in several respects : the organic label for instance does not prevent you from using heavy machinery, copper and even plastic. It is not about questioning the label’s credibility and relevance in the end. Anyone must comprehend it globally, in other words a great initiative which allows consumers to be directed towards eco-sustainable crus… but which still have a few limits it is easy to cross.

Our ready to be purchased organic wines on World Grands Crus

Organic wines are well represented on the World Grands Crus’s webshop. Among the domaines with whom we are working, we would like to mention le Domaine Guiberteau in Loire Valley, le Domaine Jean-Philippe Fichet in Burgundy et Henri Bonneau in the Rhône Valley. You will find many other organic wine and champagne references on our website.

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