Bordier butter

Should you happen to wander on the « » site you’ll be able to discover the biography butter nut “intended pun”.

He wanted to be a sailor, his parents where cheese purveyors…He anchored of Saint Malo and the need for butter washed over him. He has given his name to his butter making it the star of all the starred chefs and great gourmets.
From the sailor, he has inherited the quiet and jovial tranquility. As all that are great, he has the passion, the modesty and the generosity.

To listen to him talking about his butter is pure joy, to taste it once and one becomes an addict!
This is a real, passionate, love story, difficult to dissociate between the man from his subject.
This butter is above all a “terroirs” of Brittany and Normandy, for a milk of great quality. However, it is mainly, a unique production method, inherited from the past.

The Bordier method takes seventy two hours: “I’m all for allowing time do what it has to do, I’m not in competition with the industrial production” Master Bordier produces a “Haute couture” butter. Rest and respect in order to bring out all the milk’s aromas, followed by those emanating from the cream. But , above all the kneader, unique in France that; “makes my butter sing and cry”. This very same butter is salted and moulded by expert hands, using wooden pallets. Mini butters, cone shaped or simple slabs, all day, the butters are cut to the exact gram, and molded to the client’s wishes. The Bordier butters are not only “Haute couture” but also “taylor-made”. Hotels, restaurants, chefs have the choice. “They can choose the weight, the shape, the saltiness…” and a to top it all, they can even have their initials engraved!
To cook it is an art, but beforehand one must taste it as it is, natural. As an aperitif on a slice of bread a butter with Roscoff seaweed, or butters with smoked salt, pepper, onions, or curries __ and how about this, a Yuzu butter (a Japanese citrus fruit) and this other one, a Basque paprika butter accompanied by a divine white wine from the Domaine Pattes Loup, a 100% Chardonnay Chablis. These are moments, we guarantee, that will be unforgettable.

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