Candlemas : the best crepes and wine combinations

It’s originally a holy day. However, Candlemas is mostly about enjoying delicious crepes when the winter is in full swing. But which wine should we drink while eating crepes ? World Grands Crus gives you a few tips.

Wine and crepes : a matter of balance

The combinations and possibilities are infinite. It depends on your ability to dare and your taste particularly. Let’s envisage a risk-free option : the white and rosé wines from Provence. Light, fruity and accessible, they are the perfect idea of simplicity and efficiency. They will indifferently pair with salty and sweet crepes, with the same great success.

Simplicity is in order, indeed. But some combinations should not be considered. We strongly advise against pairing your crepes with full-bodied wines. Their power would totally ruin the lightness of your crepes.

If you were to go for a salty crepe, a light red wine would be your best ally. It should be fruity, gourmet and solar. Forget about spices and pronounced tannin. A silky Perrot-Minot Bourgogne 2015 with blackberry notes or an incredibly crunchy Morgon from Marcel Lapierre in Beaujolais are a must, for instance !

The classic ham, egg and cheese crepe will perfectly go with a dry white wine from the Rhône Valley. World Grands Crus recommends the cuvée Hermitage 2016 from Domaine Tardieu Laurent : its yellow fruits aromas and minerality will wonderfully complement your salty creation.

Spicy wines to magnify sweet crepes

Marmelade, chocolate and nut spread, chestnut purée, lemon, cinnamon… options are as varied as numerous when it comes to fill your crepes !

Our instinct would encourage us to direct you towards champagne : an Agrapart & Fils Terroirs Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru extra brut. Its light bubbles, prune aromas to the nose and finesse in mouth will finally convince you.

If it’s all about chocolate in your crepe, we will head to the Languedoc with a Domaine de Montcalmès 2015 in appellation Terrasses du Larzac AOP ! Its elegant spicy notes and surprising roasting aroma will sublimate all your chocolate crepes.

Available wine and champagne to serve with your crepes on World Grands Crus

At World Grands Crus, we offer you a full range of wines and champagnes which will perfectly pair with your crepes during Candlemas time. Either being salty or sweet, you will inevitably find the bottle that will greatly fit your needs and taste. And if you have any possible inquiry, about the wine-crepe pairing or the wine itself, reach out to our dedicated team that will be glad to help.