How to pop a bottle of Champagne ?

Festive, impressive and demanding : the technique to pop a bottle of Champagne involves several aspects. World Grands Crus provides an overview on this topic.

A tradition dating from the Napoleonic era

“I cannot live without champagne : in case of a victory, I deserve it ; if I’m defeated, I need it bad.” – let us appreciate the eloquence and how the Emperor had a way with words. This practice has been embraced for several centuries and dates back to the Napoleonic era. Every time the Empire won a battle, the soldiers would let their joy ring out and pop hundreds of champagne bottles. A mark of triumph, elation and celebration. Today, we somehow recognize these elements in this tradition which traveled a long way and whose success is still untouched. If this practice requires some serious dexterity and prep time, you do not need to be a soldier to succeed.

The requirements to pop a bottle of champagne

It might seem innocuous, but you must go for Champagne. Not a sparkling wine, not a Crémant nor a Prosecco : Champagne. Champagne only holds the ideal pressure that is requested to successfully pop the champagne bottle. Then comes the blade : a good kitchen knife will perfectly do unless you own a katana, a sword or any other traditional saber. You’re free to choose your weapon subsequently ! The temperature of the bottle is also crucial : a cold bottle will maximize your chances to succeed. Kept in cold storage, it will need to be popped quickly when exposed to room temperature. The hands warmth immediately act on the bottle so do not wait any longer ! You are almost there : make sure you noticed the seam that crosses the bottle from the bottom to the mouth. You will need to follow it when the moment comes. Use your weak hand to firmly hold the bottom of the bottle, your thumb positioning on the hollow, then place the blade perpendicularly. Hold your breath, breathe and pop. The cork flies towards the moon, your guests are smiling and you’re the hero of the night.

Champagnes to be popped available on World Grands Crus

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