Wine by women

The poet is always right, when he announces the blossom and declares with Aragon, women are man’s future. That could well be the case in the near future the profession within the wine industry will be linked increasingly to women. Wine is not a priori woman’s universe nevertheless it’s not anymore an exclusively man’s universe. Women are now winegrowers, oenologists, consultants and merchants. They are associated to the wine, to the vines, and to domains, they are present everywhere. In the last twenty years the presence of women has more than doubled.  They are epicureans for sure; they have a better drinking habits than men, have a better appreciation of aromas and are more sensitive to a wine’s bouquet and scent; as well as being more sensual when it comes to sharing their impressions and feelings. Wine has now become a woman’s affair. They are not feminists, nor masculine, they are simply passionate and the same as men, in love with the vines and the “terroir”, considering their profession as an art. There are now more than 80 domains in France that are managed by women, where their labor offers a wine that is neat and good, simple and robust, and of great quality. It is impossible to name them all, but for their quality, finesse, scarcity and excellence, may we suggest the following: Domain Agnés Paquet, the Domain Cécile Tremblay and the Domain Anne Claude Leflaive.

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