Champagne, Art and Design – a subtile mix of styles

What’s new in the world of Champagne?

The great producers like Ruinart, Dom Perignon or even Roederer do not need a designer or an artist to highlight the quality of their outstanding champagne! Neither the artist, nor the designer need the Champagne producer. This approach is not just a commercial one, but more complex than that, more noble and more interesting from several points of view. It is, in fact, an exchange, sharing and creation of an outstanding product, a sort of artwork. Something modern and unusually laid-back may either attract or disturb. The Champagne seen through an artwork, a common creation, offers you a one-of-a-kind and unsustainable emotion. This intangible collaboration offers a new perception of Champagne – but, at the same time, both the artist and the champagne producer remain loyal to their conviction and philosophy.
Phillip Stark collaborates with Roederer both on the bottle and its content, Roederer Stark champagne will have no added sugar, which means «an absolutely honest champagne» for the designer.

By its collaboration with Maarten Baas, Piet Hein Eek and, currently, with a swiss visual artist Georgia Russell Ruinart would like to highlight the history component of this great house and produce a limited edition and a unique artwork.

The collaboration of ultra-talented young designer Iris van Herpen from Netherlands and Dom Perignon was sincere. «Dom Perignon’s independence and freedom are the most valuable qualities that offer a breathtaking result!» – insists Iris van Herpen. Über-Premium – a perfect translation of her attitude.

These collaborations would have been a success for Champagne houses and a productive experience beyond any description. It’s still unknown if the amateurs, professionals and collectors will follow the song of the sirens, but the idea to unite so much passion for an artwork in one bottle is so attractive!

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