The wine market, an authentic placement

Whilst the sounds of boots marching over Crimea are being heard the world over, an ill wind of panic is blowing on the international stock markets. As it is often the case with any major international political crisis, investors are the first casualties, loosing their virtual assets when it is not their initial investment, the latter requiring several years to recuperate.
Paris – 2,66%, Frankfurt -3,44%, Moscow -10%, London – 1,49%, Wall Street – 1,27% and this is only the beginning!
For the year 2014, one can expect a high volatility level to the detriment of assets such as shares, forcing investors to notice alternatives such as: Gold, (being a relatively uncertain value), rare metals, art and wine.
Those investors diversifying their assets will be protected from the vicissitudes of the stock exchange markets. Art and fine wines are sterling placements that are both tangible and certainly not virtual.

Whilst the world demand for fine wines has exploded and has not diminished, that the international auctions beat all time records, that climate has taken an important part in the market place, imposing a new factor; bad weather. This climatic change has reduced production, hence automatically raising prices!

A good number of professional financial investors, or investment counselors, refuse to propose the wine option to their clients as an alternative investment, it is to wonder if this is due to a lack of information, which seems to be absolute nonsense, or simply a voluntary attitude!!!

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