The Chardonnay

Chardonnay is a native white grape from the Burgundy area. Widespread today around the world, it is mainly found in the Champagne country, known as ” Blanc de Blanc “, this designation meaning that the champagne is made exclusively with Chardonnay grapes. This is also the case in the Burgundy, Loire, Jura, Alsace and Languedoc wine areas. Its development is increasing. In 2006 it already accounted for 40 000 hectares of the French vineyards.
It acclimatizes very well in cool areas on moderately fertile and predominantly limestone soils. These conditions bring balance, smoothness and freshness.
It produces great dry white wines, soft and mellow with a large range of flavors, such as: dried fruits, citrus, hazelnuts, grilled almonds, brioche, butter, acacia flowers, fern …
Chardonnay reveals itself as having an extremely high quality potential. It is found in very great vintages such as, Montrachet, Chassagne Montrachet, and grand vintage Champagnes:

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