Sotheby’s is using eBay to increase its audience

In the month of August and for the first time, Sotheby’s and EBay join forces in order to increase sales.

These two great names in the world of auctions, Sotheby’s and EBay have gotten together a new auction site for art, wines and other collector items, on the popular online site!

The two firms have announced last Monday that a new portal was to see the day on E bay’s internet site, destined for amateurs of unusual, scarce and collector items.

This new online sales site, managed by Sotheby’s will include new direct auctions accessible from any country!

This new on-line auction site should represent eight different sections.

According to Sotheby’s, with the increase in art sales, and the accumulated share of their experiences, the moment was ideal to introduce this new on-line auction concept.

According to Sotheby’s communications manager, Sotheby’s presence on E bay will increase the firm’s visibility in the collectors market. If only 1% of E bay’s buyers visit Sotheby’s site, this will represent 1,45 million potential clients!

Christie’s, Sotheby’s rival, claims that 45% of their on-line buyers are new clients.  It is to be noted that they have beaten a sales record in 2013 mainly due to their on-line auction site.

With the advent of the m-commerce these last few years, collectors have increased their buys on portable devices, be it with small objects or much larger collector items.

Thanks to a constant access to Internet, web surfers are getting to know the online sales market.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to order your wines on verified and secure sites such as This is not an auction site, but it gives you the possibility of obtaining the most exclusive and sought after vintages in the world that will enrich your collection, and all that at a click’s distance from any part of the world.

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