Where can one find « the Holy Grail » of wines in the world? Which is the wine by which, just the name is what dreams are made off? Which is the one with the most beautiful color, constituted by ever-changing shades and reflections all along its maturation process? Which is the one harboring a perfect limpidity and a total absence of turbidity? Which is the one that has the best brilliance? Which is the one whose bouquet offers the most awesome olfactory sense, combining the aroma of grapes to the secondary bouquet coming from fermentation and the tertiary bouquet emanating from its maturation. Which is the one where the attack is unctuous, flattering, powerful, and hard at the same time, where the matter is intense or light and where its freshness brings a balance, whether it be soft, supple, fair, firm or asserted and is pleasant to the mouth with a long aromatic persistence? Which is the one that by its depth and exceptional complexity takes and transports you into a dream that will leave an unforgettable reminiscence?

This Grail is to be found in Burgundy.

Should there be only one, it would be the sublime and mythical red wine “Richebourg Grand Cru, Côtes de nuits”, from Henri Jayer. An extremely scarce wine, considered as the best in the world and where the vintage is not important, Henri Jayers’ wine stands out from the rest. But excellence has a price, the Holy Grail is at 12000€. Out of reach for the majority of Grand Crus amateurs, for whom the search for the Grail will last a lifetime, and perhaps more.

Therefore we could consider a Grail for each and everyone, with regards to our budget, the year, the terroir, or the…No, the Holy Grail is unique and even if we never have the luck of dipping our lips in it, we know it is there and it’s French

Thank you, Monsieur Henri Jayer.

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