The wines sail to England, there is nothing special you might say, but the wines sailing under sail power in the 21st century! … An old sloop rigged gaffer delivers wine from France to the English, and not just any wine, but “La coulée de Serrant” produced by Nicolas Joly.

Myth or reality, this wine is a marvel, be it by sail or not, it’s what dreams are made of

Protected designation of origin vineyard, of only 7 hectares, its slopes overlooking the Loire river. Produced from the Chenin grape, the vines are over 40 years old on average and over 80 years for the older ones. Partly grown by hand and horse labor, the production offers about 25,000 bottles per year of a particularly well-polished wine.
Nicolas Joly, practises the biodynamie, a source of complexity, a moose, an additional purity. And as he says, ” to see vine growing becomes again an art, it will be necessary to understand and to use advisedly the strengths which dominate the Earth “.
Watch out, to take advantage completely of its purity it is recommended to open the bottle in advance, treasure of the Valley of Loire deserves some patience, so that it shows itself in totally.

Enjoy the tasting.

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