How to open a bottle of wine without corkscrew?

Have you ever happened to find yourself in this situation? At a picnic, an improvised cocktail in the middle of nowhere, or a housewarming party , bottles of wine are present (these are generally what we think of first) , but nobody has thought about the corkscrew ! Here is an unstoppable technique in order to get to the precious liquid in these bottles!

You’ll need a wall and a shoe. Begin by removing the tin capsule from the bottles’ neck . Then take your shoe and slide the bottle at heel level. In order to slowly pull out the plug , you must tap the heel of your shoe against the wall several times ! Don’t be too violent with the risk of ending up with an open bottle with the wine all over the place, or having to redo your plasterboard wall as well as your white paint !

I forgot to tell you that this infallible technique is reserved only for good bottles! Unfortunately for cheap wine drinkers , this technique only works with real corks !

Here is a filmed demo:

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