How to keep and drink your wines during the summer months

Summer is upon us, the heat as well; we at World Grands Crus will proceed to give you some advice in order to keep your wine and to drink them in the best conditions and temperatures.

1—The conservation

In the winter, the temperatures are low and in the summer they literally explode. One has to realize that wine’s worst enemy is the temperature change or it’s variations. The ideal situation being to keep your wine in a place that is slightly moist and the temperatures stable at around 15ºC. the best being of course, a cellar or an underground space. For those of you living in apartments, drink it all! (No just kidding) the best choice is to invest in an ageing cellar with a capacity for just a few bottles. This will allow you to always have a few good bottles at the right temperature at hand.


The time for barbecues and meals on the terrace has arrived, and nothing better than a good bottle of rose, white and why not champagne, in order to cool off and accompany your salads, grills etc. But beware; these different nectars are to be drunk cool, (8º to 12ºC)! First of all remember to put your bottle(s) in the fridge, at least a good hour before the meal in order to achieve its optimum drinking temperature. Once the bottle has been brought to the table the ice bucket remains the best solution for keeping the wine’s temperature, but under the condition of mixing well the ice with the water in order to obtain an even temperature. Please! Avoid the ice cube in the glass; this will water it down thereby destroying the aromas and the taste. You can also use an “ice bag” or a decanter with an integrated ice tube. As a last resort plastic or granite ice cubes can be used. All that’s left for us to say is cheers and enjoy!

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