Classical music for grape vines

We have all heard about using classical music by certain cattle farmers, in order to tenderize the meat, well, the same goes for a South African wine grower, that diffuses classical music in his vines as well as his cellars.
The owners of the DeMorgenzon domain in South Africa had the idea of diffusing classical music on their 55 hectares of vines, in order to mellow the wine, and refine the nectar.
About, ten loudspeakers broadcast day-and-night baroque and classical music. This type of music is deemed to have a mathematical rhythm. According to the winegrowers, the sound waves have a positive aspect on nature and life.

The vines bathed in Bach, Mozart and even Lully, are thought to have a slower as well as a more regular growth. The tannins are smoother and the juice has a lower alcohol level, offering a much more balanced wine.
The cellars are also equipped with loud speakers allowing the wines to mature “en musique”. The fermentation processes being extremely important; this can only be better under a flow of Mozart.

A special or “musical” vintage should soon see the day within the domain’s walls.

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