Burglary attempt, in Michel Jack Chasseuil’s house

On Tuesday the 19th of June, the famous wine collector Michel Jack Chasseuil, was abducted for two hours by several hooded individuals that hoped to rob his cellar, one of the most important wine collections in the world. Tuesday morning at his house in the Deux Sèvres, a carrier shows up announcing the delivery of several bottles, not having the time to even open his mouth several hooded and armed men barge into the house, and jump on him. The criminals will abduct him for two hours, in order to force him to open the cellars armored door. Mr. Chasseuil congratulates himself in having placed the “sanctuary’s” key in a vault in the bank. This collector will finally come out of this ordeal relatively well, with just a broken finger. The four individuals escaped taking with them some fifteen cases of wine, fortunately of a relatively unimportant value. Happily his collection remains intact, and his cellar beneath his home built by his own hands, remains inviolate. The collection is composed of one of the most beautiful collections of Romanée Conti, Pétrus and other Grand Crus, amounting to over 40 000 bottles of a virtually inestimable value. He claims that he has “France’s heritage” and dreams of the day that a patron will help him in creating the “Louvre of wines”

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