Whilst some announce sadly « for us its the taste », the wine lover will answer, « for us it’s the emotion ». Whatever the wine’s color, or terroir, region, or label, the emotion is always present. What would be the pleasure of tasting without the emotion? With wine all our senses are awakened.

The first one to be summoned is the visual aspect, In other words sight. This visual step is based on the color. It indicates the age of the wine, with age it changes in both color and reflections. The color density suggests the wines consistency, the denser it is the burlier it is and if it’s the contrary, the lighter it will be. Its limpidity is a guaranty that the wine is lacking turbidity. To finish, the shine will announce the wine’s vivacity: brilliant he will have all the vivacity of youth, dullness, will announce a wine that’s reached its full maturity.

The second, is the aspect of scent, or smell, this will bring several aromas that emanate from the wine. The primary aromas are linked to the grape variety, the secondary ones are related to the fermentation process, and the tertiary ones, will be the result of the maturation and aging process. The wines harmony and complexity are the result of the mix of these aromas and known as the bouquet.

And third but not least, is the taste; it’s the culminating moment in the tasting of a wine. With experience, the taste will allow us to appreciate the intensity, the vivacity, the suppleness, the richness and to top it off the sublime. Our taste buds will recognize the subtle marriage and particular tastes of citrus flavors, the sensations of different fruits, woody as well as grilled bread notes. The palate will in turn give us the persistence or roundness of the wine, the discovery of this incredible harmony made of suave and strong tastes, with an acidity of a thousand different aromas.

Hearing and touch are also called forth but in a different and haphazard manner.

But it is the whole range of our senses, which gives us the incredible emotion when tasting a wine. For a voyage filled with emotions, may we suggest one that is made of finesse and extreme complexity, from a magnificent terroir of the Burgundy area, we shall depart for the Grand crus Clos de la Roche, 2010 vintage. This Clos de la Roche reflects excellence. A sustained typical Pinot noir color, intense and pure, complex and profound aromas escape, a meaty texture, fine and rich at the same time, with an extremely delicate underlying mineral frame. An emotion that will last for 30 years!

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