A bubbly demise!

Hong-Kong – Dingxiang Loeng, a very well known 49 years old Chinese businessman, passed away this morning in his suite in the Shangri-La hotel. It is during a party that had been organized on his behalf for his birthday that the man died in front of his 217 guests. Violently hit on the forehead by a champagne cork causing a brain hemorrhage.

The accident took place during a sumptuous party, thrown to celebrate the 5oth anniversary of Mr. Loeng, Some 200 guests where present including the elite of the Hong-Kong political scene. The celebrity, after a short speech proceeded to open a champagne bottle and was hit violently by the cork, The first reaction was one of laughter, underestimating the extent of the injury, this was followed by a heavy silence. Mr. Loeng remained unconscious. The emergency medics arrived rapidly on the premises. In spite of all their efforts, the death was confirmed less than 20 minutes later, whilst he was being transported to the hospital.

Mr. Loeng was classed as the 51st Hong-Kong fortune, according to Forbes magazine; Mr. Loeng was an extremely successful and eccentric real estate agent, whose fortune was estimated at more than 1 billion Dollars. According to the police, the bottle was a Chinese counterfeit bottle; this seems to be an extremely plausible theory seeing the large quantity of CO2 gas found in the bottle.

For the last few years, counterfeit bottles have become an important preoccupation for the authorities. In fact, several experts estimate the Chinese counterfeit market at 80% in most Chinese cities…

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