For the majority of the peoples, summer is synonymous with holidays, in other words relaxing, pleasures and serenity. Forget the stress, the return to being idle, sports, reading, traveling, and a return to the source. Therefore, summer is a privileged moment for us to take the time for thought on the different catalogs of life for all those days we have ignored during our holidays. But not all the catalogs are to be put aside. We have emphasize only one of these catalogs, this one in between a few others, has to be approached serenely, without stress, peacefully. This catalog is the one dealing with the investments of your savings. Who amongst us does not search for the best investment, regarding return, quality, objectivity, transparence and loyalty? Therefore, under the shade of a great tree, by the waters edge, in the country or on a mountain, we have to take some of this precious time offered by the holydays, and avoid postponing a decision a hundred times put off. All the reasons be they good or bad of not investing, offers the occasion for bankers and governments to nibble away and even swallow your hard earned money. Placing ones’ money is a vast program, that’s often frustrating with regards to the obtained results and to the harsh realities of life.

“Prudent-man” investments such as:

–       The government savings account, with a virtually zero return, but at least guarantees that you won’t loose money, however you’re guaranteed not to earn any.

–       Life insurance with a promising return (around 2,6% before income tax) and which the government is constantly doing or undoing the rights that are normally due.

–       Real estate a hazardous returns that could be of 5% over a 15 to 20 year period, with an ocean of difficulties.

–       The stock exchange where everything goes well or wrong, where you risk at all moments a total loss, lets not talk about safe have values such as gold, safe havens for whom? If it’s not by the great an wealthy, that do or undo the rates, cheating outrageously, without anyone being able to intervene.

What’s left? You might ask, well, all is possible as long as you totally diversify, and that you turn to tangible assets.

There are several, such as art, requiring a rather large initial investment, collection cars difficult to approach, forests, again over a long period, and then there is the one that retained all our attention, “THE WINE”.

Investing in wine is affordable by all. No need to have 100 000 Euros in order to have a good return; wine is affordable to all purses and offers to each and everyone the privilege of constituting a cellar according to one’s investment capacity.
However, investing in wine is above all a purely financial placement, which can only meet your profitability expectations only through classified Grands Crus or prestige wines, and never second-class wines.

The “wine” investment is extremely accessible and without unnecessary regulatory constraints, that you can manage as a regular stock portfolio. Nevertheless you must keep in mind that it is better to go through specialized firms, that will be perfectly transparent in their contracts, guaranteeing the optimal storage of your wine in specifically adapted emplacements for wine custody under custom authority, in other words tax free. Again one must diversify, even in wines, don’t be 100% Bordeaux that would be a fundamental mistake: one only has to look at the numbers and the richness of the different terroirs of France to see that the biggest Grand Crus are not only from the Bordeaux region, far from it, but that the Burgundy area is a larger provider.

If you should wish to invest in your own cellar, do it, but guarantee yourself that your wines are perfectly stored, since at the moment of the resale you will have to furnish the guarantees of an optimal conservation, otherwise all that’s left is to drink it yourself which could be worse.
Quick and extremely easy to put in place, your investment can be done on-line, here again with a specialized firm. It’s easy to compare the different offers of the different professional in the field of wines, take your time but don’t pass up the good opportunities since they never last a long time in this, extremely attractive market.

We recommend European millésimes, for the qualities of which, mention was made in this article.
A privileged welcome, clear and precise explanations, customer care, guaranteed storage, buying and re-sales, and finally a service that one can expect from a professional in financial investments in such a particular field as that of the wine market.

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