Domaine Leflaive – Bienvenue Batard Montrachet Grand Cru 2010

The Leflaive Domain, situated at Puligny-Montrachet, is an institution in the Burgundy region. Entirely dedicated to biodynamic agriculture, the domain represents 60 acres of vineyards, of which 12 are classed Grand Cru and 27 acres as Premier Crus. Named as General Manager in 1994, Anne-Claude Leflaive is a key figure In the Burgundy region, first for her kindness, her perseverance in implementing a biodynamic approach, and her courage. 2010 is synonymous of a great Burgundy vintage. It has a beautiful maturity, as well as a marvelous in the mouth length. This vintage is going to delight all the great white Burgundy wine lovers. A 40% drop in its production illustrates this grand, 2010 vintage. On an exceptional terroir, Bienvenues-Batard-Montrachet, these superb productions of this century old domain, is all that a lover of great white wines can dream of. Matured over 12 months in casks followed by another 6 months in vats before being bottled, acquiring their finely toasted, elegant, fruity and rich flavor.

Bienvenues Bâtard-Montrachet, Grand Cru, from the Leflaive domain is a beautiful lot of 3,7 acres (the largest of the 8,6 acres, that represent the label) positioned just underneath the Bâtard and against les Pucelles. This gently slopping environment composed of a calcareous soil, of a brown, almost black color, these soils being heavy next to the surface, clearly mark the wines with their aromatic generosity and powerful body, allowing them to be perfectly well kept long periods. Doubtlessly, it’s not the best grand cru in Puligny, suffering the comparison with the Chevallier, much more elegant and fine and the Bâtard, the latter possessing even more energy and aromatic profile. But the mellow texture and it’s volume in the mouth makes for an accessible and refined vintage ideally suited when accompanying fresh water fish or lobster. It compares as far as style is concerned to the middle section of the Charmes de Meursault. (source: Patrick Essa) 2010 is a great Burgundy vintage, marked by their classical style and small yields. The general profile of the 2010 whites is close to the 2008 vintage, with wines combining an excellent maturity, offering fruitiness and a beautiful acidity, offering length and precision. The nuances with respect to her elders, comes from a more accomplished maturity and a slightly less marked acidity, offering more precocious wines, hence being of easier access in their youth, with a promise of a magnificent maturation. It’s more a “terroir” wine rather than a vintage wine, the 2010 will delight all those Burgundy lovers, marked by the uniqueness of each environment. The only downside to this picture is the average drop in production, 40% with regards to the preceding year. The wines from the domain are certified as being issued from biodynamic agriculture since 1998.

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