The primeurs Grands Crus of 2013 from Bordeaux

The 31st of March, the begining of the 2013 primeurs campaign will be starting off.
Owners, oenologists, critics, consultants and wine importers will all be reunited together in the beautiful city of Bordeaux.
After an 18% fall in sales to china in 2013, this 2013 will have been the smallest harvest in the Bordeaux region since 1991. Mister Olivier Bernard, president of the union of Grand crus, has announced a half harvest and even less in some cases.

For a certain number of persons, 2013 should be a good vintage, having had a cold rainy spring season, hailstorms in summer and the harvest, disturbed by the bad weather. Nevertheless this vintage should be satisfactory, low in alcohol levels as well as presenting altogether a well-balanced wine.
But for others, due to an insufficient quality, the harvest will not be issued under their labels.
Robert Parker will not give his notes until later, this will perhaps bring everyone back to the real quality for price concepts!
On the world market, mainly Americans and Chinese have declared in not being interested by this vintage. Bluff or real intentions, the result should be apparent very quickly through the prices.
Some owners have already offered their wines to merchants, without waiting for the notes, preferring to play on the timing, and playing the European market card.
Corridor gossip or should one say, gossip from the Garonne riverside docks, announce a price reduction of 20 to 30%
Stay tuned.
The Bordeaux wine region is a bit like the French « Dallas » with its merciless universe…

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