Today World Grands Crus wants to bring forward for your pleasure and discovery, a Champagne whose notoriety is far from the great names of the Champagne region but having a quality well above these. It’s for us a wonderful discovery that we want to share with all the amateurs of fine bubbles!
Found at Avize, in the Côtes de Blanc terroir, the champagnes of the Fallet-Prevostat domain are made as “of old”. The wine is aged in small barrels. Matured during 7 to 30 years on top of slats within natural cellars dug into the chalk. Almost everything is carried out by hand. The domain generally starts harvesting a few days after the “official” start and spreads over a two-week period. The grapes harvested at the beginning and at the end, present well defined differences in their degree of maturity.
The grapes are pressed and go through an intermediary vat in order to separate the juice from the lees. The clear wines are stored in ancient barrels, whereupon they will undergo all their maturation process.
The malolactic fermentation takes 3 to 4 months, just after the alcoholic fermentation. The assemblage and bottling are done just before the next year’s harvest, the wines are assembled with two thirds of the year’s harvest and one third of the before last harvest.

The cellars are dug in the rock on three levels. Tens of thousands of bottles are stocked at a constant temperature and perfect hygrometric standards!

The Fallet-Prevostat blanc de blancs Grand crus Extra Brut comes from the 2002 and 2003 vintages, in other words, ten years of aging on slats. The bubbles are extremely fine, enrobed within a superb environment, it is a delicate, airy and flowery champagne.

It is, according to us a great reference that has to be tasted.

Enjoy the degustation!

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