Burgundy: The 2013 vintage wines

For the Burgundy winemakers, 2013 will have been a fret-full vintage! After a trying 2012 harvest, they are confronted to hail and disease, in other words to the mishaps of to-day’s climatic conditions.

Not a single burgundy vineyard was spared in 2013. The harvested quantities are a reflection of this difficult vintage, and hence extremely small as in 2012.

Not withstanding, on tasting, much more positive aspects are revealed. Once again, the hard labor of the winemakers and their experience will have paid off.

The red wines

The red wines present a deep and brilliant red ruby hue. On the olfactory side the nose is transported by the freshness of red fruits (blackberry, raspberry and cherry). And now for the taste buds! One find’s well-balanced wines with fine tannins and a few tangy notes as well as being long tasting in the mouth.

The white wines

The white wines present to the nose, a balanced fruity essence with citrus notes, a beautiful freshness and vivacity. The acidity is good; the wines are well-balanced, excellent news for a difficult harvest.

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