The consumption of wine in France is still decreasing

The consumption of wine in France, first country in the ranking in this area in 2000, is still decreasing. In less than 20 years, it’s been decreasing by 20% according to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (IOVW). A wine consumption steadily decreasing 51,2 liters. Sparkgling or not, it’s the average amount of absorbed […]

Candlemas : the best crepes and wine combinations

It’s originally a holy day. However, Candlemas is mostly about enjoying delicious crepes when the winter is in full swing. But which wine should we drink while eating crepes ? World Grands Crus gives you a few tips. Wine and crepes : a matter of balance The combinations and possibilities are infinite. It depends on […]

Brexit : french wine exporters are getting concerned

The french wine and liquor exporters are getting fairly concerned : the absence of an agreement around Brexit may have severe consequences. A potential significant shortfall It’s a scenario no one in the profession actually wants to consider given how significant the shortfall could be : the absence of an agreement on the United Kingdom’s withdrawal […]

Organic wine : a trend that is becoming democratized

Organic wines have become more and more sought after by the consumers, they are still raising questions though. The boom of organic wine, an eco-sustainable logic A 1,2 billion EUR turnover last year, a conversion rate multiplied by three over the last four years and around 500 winemakers who actually take the leap every year […]