Domaine Georges Roumier, Chambolle Musigny.

In 1924 Georges Roumier takes over the reins of the Domaine which still belongs to the family as of today.
Bonnes Mares, Musigny, Corton Charlemagne – three legendary Grands Crus that fire your imagination…
Chambolle Musigny Premier Cru “Les Amoureuses”, Morey Saint Denis Premier Cru “Clos de la Bussière” – all these irreplaceable Premier Crus!
Domaine Georges Roumier possesses a rich and captivating terroir cultivated with passion and philosophy by Christophe Roumier. Georges Roumier wines are complex – they ally lightness and intensity, charm and long-lasting taste.

But for Christophe Roumier «There is no Roumier style but rather a Roumier philosophy. This unique vinification process that allows to relieve each terroir, each appellation! »
These wines, recognized by their durability and their astonishing youth are still tasted by the amateurs 60 years after their bottling.
Standing aside from the BIO labels confines, Christophe Roumier doesn’t use any chemical inputs (fertilisers or pesticides) during the vine flowering period and lets the plant draw its resources from the exceptional soils.
The privilege is given to old vines (40 years on average). They do not replant, but transplant to ensure a permanent background of old vines and taste characteristics that only the « aged » vines can provide.

For several generations only indigenous yeasts, found in Chambolle-Musigny Domaine fermenting room are used for winemaking.
New barrels are only used for 10% of Premier Crus with a maximum of 35% for Grands Crus: Musigny and Bonnes Mares.
Regardless of the vintage, Domaine Georges Roumier production is limited in its quantity but never in its quality!

Domaine Georges Roumier ranks number 7 according to Wine Searcher «The World’s best, rarest and most expensive wines» classification of 2014!

For example, the 2010 Grands Crus, as each vintage, remain confidential:

– Bonnes-Mares, 5083 bottles, 160 magnums and 5 jéroboams
– Musigny, 40 bottles, 12 magnums
– Corton Charlemagne, 1198 bottles
– Charmes Chambertin, 584 bottles, 6 magnums
– Ruchottes Chambertin, 1274 bottles, 18 magnums

Guardians of ancestral traditions, Domaine Georges Roumier wines are pure, rare and slowly-maturing with wisdom and serenity to deliver the best of the Burgundy region.


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